Let’s Dance!


Oh, sweet life.

Swaying to a samba beat.

A sheaf of smooth writing paper.

Eclectic embraces of everyday exquisiteness.

Aqua ocean vistas.

Chilled mangoes.

Basil and tomatoes plucked from the garden patch.

Succulent stories.

White sand beneath my feet. Movies screened on a moonlit beach.

Books. More books.

Veni. Vidi. Visa. (I came. I saw. I shopped!)

Luscious Italian everything.

Abundant wispy plumbago plants.

Gardenias. Night blooming jasmine.

Mary Anne Radmacher’s word gardens of inspiration.

Anne Lamott’s writings.

A freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils.

The Beauty & Truth Laboratories of Rob Brezsny.



The light in my husband’s eyes.

That little inside joke that makes my daughter laugh every time.

Seriously silly stuff.

Long, deep kisses that last three days. (And the movie, Bull Durham, where that line came from!)

Playing with words and images and impressions and ideas.


Having fun making art. Supporting art.

The steady thrum of a printing press.

Grey’s Anatomy.

iPhone ingenuity.

Vintage wines. (And whines!)

Memorable martinis.

Movie therapy.



President Obama!

My dear, dear wonderful family and deeply fabulous and funny friends,

(each enchanting in their own way).




Making a difference.

A lot of alliteration!

High tea. High heels.


Passionate purposes.

Time and tides.


Soft landings.

Deep breathing.

Gentle lessons.

A tender touch.

And writing. Yes, definitely writing!

Those are just a few of my favorite things. (I really did start out to make a succinct list of just a handful of things, but then one happy thought leads to another, doesn’t it?) It’s hard to stop once you start to put a list like this together … so many pleasures and inspirations to ponder. I love it all. And I want it all. And writing that down helps me remember that I already have it all when I take a breath and really look and sit still long enough to simply enjoy and reflect on the swaths of sumptuous blessings that flow both through me and to me every day.

That’s what starting this blog is about for me.  I am inspired by the wisdom, wit, and whimsy that wing their way through the web and keep us all connected when we’re brave enough to open our hearts and share all the things we love about life, as well as all the things that haven’t quite made that list just yet! We can talk about those another time; right now I’m just pleased to be giving this blog a first twirl ….

The mysteries and marvels, musings and music, are tuning up. Let’s dance!

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12 Comments on “Let’s Dance!”

  1. Roberta Boyd Says:

    I am so honored to get to be the first to comment on your inspiring blog. You are a gifted writer, indeed. You make my heart light and my thoughts full of glee. Many of us have such a mental list but admire your being able to put it right out there to be shared, admired, added to or trampled as the case may be. Thank you for the blog and for so very many other things that enrich my life daily.

  2. paulasparadise Says:

    Thank you for your cherished comments. They mean to world to me, and so do you!!

  3. paulasparadise Says:

    Full disclosure: I love the phrase “…freshly sharpened bouquet of pencils.” It conjures up images of fistfulls of finely pointed #2 pencils all ready for back-to-school, or gracing a writing desk. It’s one of my favorite things, but not a phrase I made up. It came from the movie, “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Just wanted to be sure to give credit to the brilliant screenwriters of that classic Nora Ephron flick. Can’t wait to see her newest production when “Julie & Julia” opens with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams!

  4. i’m pretty honored to be on your list.

    • paulasparadise Says:

      Mary Anne – your amazingly wonderful and beautifully penned books and posters and cards and gifts have long been a source of creative inspiration and delight. I have a copy of your new “Courage Doesn’t Always Roar” book and your “Live Boldly” book closeby all the time. (And I adore the new bright colored journal books!). Thank you for your generosity, and for weaving so much magic and humor and warmth and wisdom into your exquisitely beautiful books and art — your work makes my heart dance!

  5. what a lovely way to jump start a blog, paula! i thoroughly enjoyed your writing. wow! : ) lenna

  6. Liz Says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing a dreamy walk through life’s pleasures! This is like a love letter written from you back to the Universe.

    • paulasparadise Says:

      Liz – thanks so much for your wonderful words and fabulous encouragement on an ongoing basis through your own inspiring joie de vive! xo

  7. Rachael Says:

    Reading your list brought you back into my line of vision and I can just picture you thinking of all of the wonderful things that our lives have to offer. Congratulations on such a beautiful blog and so incredibly creative. You inspire me my dear friend, it has been way too long!

  8. Vanessa Boyd Says:

    You certainly are an inspiration beyond words. I love having a small window to your world. Your creativeness is beautiful, enchanting, and alive. I feel very fortunate to be a part of your life and your spirit. Thank you for including me.

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