The Royal Poinciana Annual Red Dress Ball

I just adore this time of year on Grand Bahama Island. Everywhere you turn there are bright bursts of flame red flowers atop wide canopied treetops dotting the landscape — so regally red and naturally elegant — it’s the annual blossoming of the Royal Poinciana trees, and it’s spectacular, even amidst a landscape known for its lush and dazzling tropical flora!

Passion-red petals abound at every turn …

… fancy-dressed arbors everywhere …

This splendid annual show starts somewhere around the middle of May and continues for a good month or more. It’s at its peak right now.

This gorgeous annual Royal Poinciana Red Dress Ball — free and open for all to enjoy — is a May/June extravaganza that twirls the landscape with delight as nature shows off some of its more flamboyant stuff.

Just makes the garden of your heart dance, doesn’t it?! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy …

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8 Comments on “The Royal Poinciana Annual Red Dress Ball”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Paula, you make so many aspects of Bahamas live come alive in your writings. Only you could tie conch shellfish with Chocolate. Like the movie “Chocolat”, you are a favorite, for sure.

  2. […] the original home owners in a coffee can—a tiny sapling housewarming present that bursts out in dazzling splendour every May & […]

  3. […] and the Royal Poinciana tree that will bloom flame-red in May or June is in full winter … leafless … and busy growing its long slender seed pods […]

  4. we have these here in Florida, paula and they are my favorite. I never saw them until we moved here 3 years ago. We just planted one that is growing nicely in our front yard!! p.s. I am enjoying your tumblr blog : ) lenna

  5. Paula's Paradise Says:

    Lenna – thanks so much! So glad we’re both enthralled with these magnificent trees. The one in the top photo on this post sits at the entranceway to our driveway and makes me happy all year (and especially right now when it’s flouncing its red ruffles!). It was planted back in 1960 from a tiny sapling brought in a coffee can as a housewarming gift to the home’s original owners. So cool that you have your own Royal Poinciana—may it grow big and even more beautiful along the way!

    Your Tumblr blog is very cool … love it and all the fun & creative things you post! Web of wonder smiles, Paula

    • thank you, Paula! I hope in another year or two our Poinciana will have beautiful blooms too. In the meantime I am enjoying lots nearby that are in bloom now and so intoxicating . . . what a lovely one you have near your driveway -they are magical!
      I am so enjoying your tumblr! I am just learning how to do mine but I like it very much, lovely to be surrounded by many creative people. Thanks for writing!

  6. Paula's Paradise Says:

    Thanks, Lenna! I am loving the posts on your blog (the nature prints & those summer colors-just scrumptious!). Wish I could figure out how to leave a comment there … the Disqus system WP uses as interface with other blogs seems to just keep trying and trying to load on Tumblr, but the dialogue box remains elusive and doesn’t show. (The internet is like a wild, vibrant garden of changing technologies, eh? — just so grateful it works at all and weaves the tendrils of our creativity together … happy to be in touch, one way or the other! 🙂 Thanks so much for your note!

    • hmmmm, if you go to and click on “comments and reactions” does the comment box work? I am using the Discuss system for commenting . . . also, I think you can leave a note by clicking on a speech bubble when looking at your feed on tumblr, my friend Frieda leaves me little comments that way. I hope this might help, so glad you are enjoying my posts!

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