From Boots to Banana Bay in One Beautiful Day

You only get a handful of occasions to really justify wearing winter boots on Grand Bahama Island.

Yesterday was one of those days.

Unseasonably low temps in the upper 30s kicked off the day. Clear and a couple degrees warmer than our U.S. neighbor, Florida, (just 68 miles to the west), but still nippy for those of us more accustomed to the kind of warmth and humidity that keeps air conditioners running all through the summer and early fall.

But by mid-afternoon, the thermostat had buoyed up to what I like to call “Goldilocks” weather … not too hot, not too cold …. it’s juuuust right.

I picked up my daughter and her friends from school and decided we would savor this sumptuous high-blue sky, silky-sunshine, and flat-calm, low tide afternoon at a casual beachfront restaurant called Banana Bay. It’s a laidback, delightful place where boots are seldom seen, and shoes in general are quite optional …

We claimed a spot overlooking the wide beach, put in an order for some burgers and salads that the attentive staff cooked while the kiddos explored the eddies and sandbars that emerge at low tide …

… all sorts of shells and sea patterns, sea weed and driftwood glisten …

… a sturdy hammock slung between two palms becomes an imaginary high-seas swaying ship with some help from youthful imaginations …

and then the magic of the low-slanting rays of late afternoon sun start to glow …

bathing everything in a golden winter warmth …

glowing everywhere …

with a dazzling finale!

If you’re reading this from somewhere that’s seen more than your fair share of snow already … I do heartily apologize.

But I just had to capture the soft enchantment of this best-of-both-worlds kind of day. Boots and Beach. A taste of two winter paradises in one.

And if you are in the midst of a snowy winter wonderland type of paradise, please make a snow angel for me. I love snow angels. They’re best friends with the sand angels and mermaid angels that live here by the sea.

Enjoy the wonders of wherever you are. Tra-la.

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16 Comments on “From Boots to Banana Bay in One Beautiful Day”

  1. Claudette Says:

    What a perfect description of the beautiful day we had here on Grand Bahama Paula! You really have a magical way with words and photography! We are all certainly very lucky to live in such a natural paradise!

  2. Paula's Paradise Says:

    Thanks, Claudette! We are lucky indeed—and it looks like it may be another “boots” kind of day if that front comes through Sunday! Warmest thoughts xx

  3. susan Says:


  4. susan Says:

    or should I say “bootiful”???!!!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      You are so funny — thank you! The only thing missing from this “bootiful” post is the wonderful sound of the kids laughing and squealing while taking turns “captaining” the hammock—it was their mirthful music that made the whole afternoon especially gorgeous! xx

  5. Roberta Boyd Says:

    My bowl of hot chili in front of a (TV) crackling fire with El Divo crooning in the background seemed so great at the time but that was before I read your wonderful words. So glad you captured it all in photos and prose and shared it with us.

  6. What a fabulous post….the photos and your description of one of our island’s best assets was a delight to read.
    Just loved it!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Thank you, Laurie! And Banana Bay is indeed one of our best assets (what a great way to say that!), and a joy—any time of year. Thanks so much!

  7. Doug Jenkins Says:

    Thanks Paula…brings back wonderful memories!!! Wish we were there!
    How is the hubby and all the kids…they are in college now, right? 🙂 hee hee

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Oh, we miss your smiles too! (And will never forget your kindness in helping me and Rachael put up that swing/playset … that was well enjoyed for years before the kiddos outgrew it!!). We are blessed with life being good all around and send you and Jan extra warm hugs (stay cozy up there … it’s super nippy down south too!). Let heaven and nature sing …. happiest holidays!!

  8. Judi Says:

    Oh Paula, your day seems magical compared to our below zero windchills. I’m glad at least one of us is enjoying the winter!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Oh, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with sub-zero temps and windchills. Just thinking about that I’m having flashbacks of wearing a “Michelin-man” style down coat and “moon booties” at the Ave! (And Chili John’s chili … I really miss that!). Stay cozy and know there’s a beach chair here with your name on it any time!!

  9. Oh Paula, Banana Bay, my favored spot on Grand Bahama Island. Our lovely lunches there together! I feel already warmed up by your beautiful pictures while being in Munich covered in snow which is pouring down with no end in sight and freezing temperatures.Instedt of Bahama Mamas I am sipping Gluehwein.

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Christine, thanks so much for this note. You are definitely missed at Banana Bay! Sorry those freezing temps are going on so long … wish we could visit and play in the snow one of these days … you are so equally at home making snow angels or seaside sand angels! Hugs and a sip of Gluehweing fur mich, bitte!

  10. […] renewed gratitude alighting in our hearts, and reminding us of so many golden days … … giving thanks for the not-too-hot, hot-too-cold glories of November in The […]

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