Bahama Blue Bathing Beauties

The color BLUE dazzles in The Bahamas. Countless variegated shades of aqua, cyan, cerulean, azure, sky, royal, indigo, and sapphire surround us in the shifting seas and are celebrated in all kinds of art—including these artist trading card collages I created for the blue-themed ARTchix challenge.


I loved making these vintage Bathing Beauty mixed media collages. The backgrounds came from photos of tropical-water-hued fabric prints in my fashion wardrobe, photographed and printed onto paper, then layered with some retro-fun ARTchix Studio images and historic postcard text.

I love splashing into waves of blue and frollicking in art.



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8 Comments on “Bahama Blue Bathing Beauties”

  1. Not only are you a tremendous writer but you are an artist too.
    I love what you done with these pieces, the shells make such creative hats – I bet the ladies are listening to the sounds of the Bahama Blue sea and twirling about in front of their mirrors, laughing and singing and dreaming of the beautiful life.

  2. Roberta Boyd Says:

    You can add my twinkling toes to those twirling in front of the mirror today while enjoying both your written and assembled art. You are indeed a master of both. Hmmm my mirror seems to have shrunk. (Will remind myself to get a larger one)
    Your creations add some coolness and beauty to a hot and dry day here in Georgia.

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Mwah! Thank you–and speaking of art, how about we feature some of your Very Beautiful artworks in a post sometime soon–love you!! xx

  3. gerri herbst Says:

    gorgeous pieces! Thanks for visiting me this weekend…take care, gerri

  4. Paula Paula – under what creative star were you born? What muse sprinkled the golden dust of artists and writers on your nose and in your brain and heart? I always stand in awe of your gifts, your talents and joie de vivre. I love who you are and what you bring to the world!

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