Sunday Inspiration: The Summer Day





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6 Comments on “Sunday Inspiration: The Summer Day”

  1. Claudette Says:

    What a beautiful poem Paula it resonates with vibs of summer and innocence…freedom and endless possibilities… thanks for brightening my Sunday even more! xoxo

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Thank you, Claudette! Your poems and art vibrate with all those same magical qualities, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. hugs!

  2. Paula – what a beautiful poem to bring me back to re-membering the parts and pieces of myself that are important. You have a great knack for doing this…always.
    So i bow to you high priestess of the heart and soul. Love, Marina

  3. pegoleg Says:

    What a lovely poem. It even inspires my Friday!

    • Paula Says:

      Peg — your very funny blog inspires smiles all the time … and your stopping by here has really put a big grin on my face … thanks and woo-hoos!

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