Goldilocks Season

We entering into Goldilocks Season on Grand Bahama. The weather is not too hot, not too cold … it’s juuuuust right. It’s the kind of weather that makes you say “aaaahh” and draws your eye extra-much to every bright yellow bit of tropical bliss … … from cerasee bush medicine growing along the garden wall … … to fresh guava in the kitchen … … to more yellow elder (the national flower of The Bahamas) …

… to the way the sun bathes the palm fronds in warmth while a woodpecker taps his tat-a-tat-tat tune …… a soft light glowing on everything … ripening the sea grapes


photo by Caitlin Farrington

… renewed gratitude alighting in our hearts, and reminding us of so many golden days … giving thanks for the not-too-hot, hot-too-cold glories of November in The Bahamas! (And to how marvelous it is when the weather matches your mood … here’s to the glow of your internal paradise keeping you warm if you’re bouncing back from that too-cold-too-soon snow storm up north, or still waiting for a touch of fall—like we’ve been doing during the high humidity the past couple of months! Here’s to paying attention to the subtle and not-so-subtle shifts of season and keeping a weathered eye on the blessings that abound everywhere.) Tra-la.

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4 Comments on “Goldilocks Season”

  1. What a beautiful post, Paula! So uplifting. Makes me thankful again and again while scrolling through your photos that I live here in the Bahamas. Also, what a great shot Miss Caitlin took! Talented family!

  2. Paula's Paradise Says:

    I’m so thankful YOU live in The Bahamas! 🙂 Thanks for your kind words … Caitlin just saw an unusual colored bird in the garden and is out trying to capture it in her lens as we cyberspeak … xoxxox

  3. pegoleg Says:

    What lovely pictures, and equally lovely words! Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the guava and give thanks (well, it’s guava juice in a can in Illinois right now, but you get my drift.)

  4. Paula Says:

    Thanks, Peg! (And I actually have tried it and don’t recommend smelling the guava — the scent of the outside skin is quite strong, but the inside fruit is very mild and tasty and makes an extra-yummy jam. A fascinating fact from my soon-to-be released Guavas-R-Us handbook, coming soon to a blog post near you.) Your words always make me smile — thanks for stopping by!

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