Glimpses of A Warm Winter Garden

a soon-to-be red plum tomato ripening in the sun. photos by paula boyd farrington

There is green goodness on the vine in my Grand Bahama garden. The strong summer sun is sometimes too intense for growing these beauties, but it is just right just now in our warm winter. Fresh basil flourishes in a small patch …

… and Italian flat-leaf parsley basks alongside the full broccoli …

Along the fence, the pods of pigeon peas begin (and will be used in the traditional Bahamian dish of peas ‘n rice … the pea is similar to a black-eyed pea).

Elsewhere in the garden, it looks more like a traditional northern fall … the almond tree loses its leaves this time of year …

… and the Royal Poinciana tree that will bloom flame-red in May or June is in full winter … leafless … and busy growing its long slender seed pods …

The sunny faces of the impatiens that wilt in the bold summers smile in the shade of a tree …

… while avocados still hang heavy and heavenly on the tree …

Such a bounty of warm winter blessings. What abundance blooms in the appreciative eyes and happy heart of your paradise right now? Enjoy, enjoy ….

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6 Comments on “Glimpses of A Warm Winter Garden”

  1. Roberta Boyd Says:

    Your glimpse into the warm winter garden fills my heart with warmth and hope.
    Don’t know which is more lovely…. your photos or your words.
    Can Spring be far behind?

  2. Spectra Says:

    Hi, Paula. I saw that you followed my blog, Spectrum Woman, but as your posts here are garden related, I have to wonder if you didn’t mean to follow my blog, Fence and Garden? I’ll leave the link below.

    Love your winter garden pics. I was fortunate enough to be able to continue harvesting lettuces and carrots, right through December! A mild winter here in the northeastern United States, for sure. I look forward to your upcoming posts 😀

  3. […] posted about my Warm Winter Garden just a few weeks ago when everything was still green and ripening. Just had to post a pic of this […]

  4. Sarah Says:

    Hi Paula!
    I stumbled on your blog while searching for methods to keep land crabs out of my garden down here in Exuma. I’ve lived here for 9 years, and the first year my tomato crop was amazing. No luck since then. The land crabs chew my tomato plants stalks in half. I think I am going to build a small greenhouse to keep them out.
    Great post!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Exuma is one beautiful place! Sorry to hear the land crabs have developed such a taste for tomato stalks … I didn’t know they did that! Here’s hoping a solution will turn up and you’ll be enjoying Exuma tomatoes again soon … thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving this note! Bahama smiles.

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