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From My Grand Bahama Garden: Tomato Bounty

March 11, 2012

I posted about my Warm Winter Garden just a few weeks ago when everything was still green and ripening. Just had to post a pic of this platter of lusciousness now that we’re harvesting ripe red tomatoes and having a good time adding these beauties into omelets, sandwiches, and of course, salads, but mostly just enjoying their bright freshness simple and plain with a hint of salt and pepper. And some of the green ones might get turned into Fried Green Tomatoes. (I do love that movie. And especially the book.)

Nothing like a homegrown tomato for ramping up your appreciation of how va-va-voom life is. There’s something about their vibrant red-ness that acts like a natural can’t-miss-it 4-way Stop sign for pausing and noticing all the wonder that abounds when you look for it. What gladness is growing is your paradise? Whatever and wherever it is — enjoy!

Rescuing The Invisible Children

March 7, 2012

My daughter brought this Kony 2012 campaign to my attention. And then this video (click here) popped up the same day in another blog I follow: Kind Over Matter. The video brings light to a tragic situation and what we can all do to help end it. Click the link to watch (the video is well done and worth the 27 minutes). And please lend your support and prayers for peace and healing for all—the villains, the heroes, and especially the children.

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