Pineapple Perspectives: Welcoming Voice & Vision


The humble pineapple—a staple of feasts among Taino and Carib tribes—was prized for its exotic rarity in colonial times when a pineapple dressing your table or entry was a luxurious sign of ultimate Welcome and Hospitality that grew to be recognized the world over. The word “pineapple” is a composite of “pine” (taken from the spiked shape of a pinecone, once revered in many ancient cultures as symbolic of the intuition, or third eye—the “pineal” gland in the center of the forehead is named with the same root word) and “apple”, to epitomize fruit.

Pineapple Perspectives: Welcoming Voice & Vision re-imagines the ubiquitous tropical pineapples as an icon of Welcome to our innate Creativity, Imagination, and Intuition—sacred gifts available to all as Artists of Everyday Life, regardless of our field of endeavor. Intuitive creativity helps us to find ways to embrace different perspectives, to walk in each other’s flip flops, to make music of the mundane, to take good notes when the heart speaks, to shine light on our best and worst impulses, and to surrender to a deeper dance of natural grace in every aspect of daily life. To glimpse a pineapple anywhere and be reminded to simply pause and quietly ask ourselves about one creative dream—and any small small step we can start taking toward realizing it—begins a valuable dialogue.

More awareness of our intuitive powers in these challenging and oh-so-spiky times re-opens the doors of hospitality to the sweet satisfactions of creative process in the many ways we grow and celebrate our shared humanity within this multi-layered and ever changing collage of life.  — Paula Boyd Farrington


Creative Nourishment: Curiousity, Gratitude, Awareness, Childlike Wonder


The American Dream & Experiment: Held Together With Safety Pins (There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen)


Sea Fan: Respect & Honor for the Ocean–A Prayer for Protection from Overfishing

Sea Fan closeup detail


Creative Currency: Time … A Nickel’s Worth To Start Then Time Flies


Sacred Geometry | Creativity: The Basic Shape of Things

Flowering Empathy: Walking In Each Other's Flip Flops (close up detail)

Flowering Empathy: Walking In Each Other’s Flip Flops (close up detail)

I am humbled and thrilled to have this mixed media work on view as part of the NE8 (National Exhibit 8) at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas in Nassau through April 2017.  The exhibit is beautifully curated by NAGB Chief Curator, Holly Bynoe, and the amazing array of 50 featured contemporary works has been presented with incredible polish, panache, and heart by her super-talented staff (rock on, Team Ninja!!).

It’s a show worth seeing. Very grateful to be part of this conversation on art and culture that happens every two years in The Bahamas. Was fortunate to get to hear some terrific Artist Talks from Bahamian artists all over the world following the Opening Night event. Loved getting to be there opening night to see the message of making our own intuition, imagination, and creativity more welcome in our everyday lives so warmly received. Small gold pineapple icons were handed out on opening night in bestowing greater awareness and reminders to pause and ponder the power of our combined sacred intuitive gifts.

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6 Comments on “Pineapple Perspectives: Welcoming Voice & Vision”

  1. Eloquently expressed and beautifully executed! Brava❣️

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Thank you so much, dear Claudette … and kudos back to you: your piece in this show is just exquisite!! Sharing this NE8 art journey with you has made it extra-special and I am ever-grateful for your friendship and support, and I’m totally inspired by the multi-talented ways you express your own amazing creativity and work … many many thanks from the heart!!

  2. Marina Sarles Says:

    So beautiful. Beautifully written and expressed. Your words bring hope to these times. The art work is so interesting and diverse around the theme of pineapple. I love each exquisite piece. You are such a creative wise woman and artist.

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Dearest Marina … thank you … your kind words and note mean so much, especially coming from such a talented writer, healer, and all-around artist of living life with beauty and grace and reverence and dollops of laughter!! So grateful for you and the collages of love you build in this world just by being YOU. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Meg Evans Says:

    Such lovely works — glad I stopped by and saw them! Creative Nourishment would be so much fun to hang in the kitchen. And I have to say it does feel like we’re held together by safety pins in the US these days — hopefully we have enough of them!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Meg – thank you so much for your wonderful note! So pleased you got to see the work and your comment here means a lot … I’m praying we have enough safety pins too! (And I love your idea of “Creative Nourishment” hanging in a kitchen!) Many thanks and e-smiles!!

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