The Saturday Book Shop – Small Wonder

Small Wonder is a collection of essays by one of my all-time favorite authors: Barbara Kingsolver. This collection of essays was originally published in 2002 and written in response to the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. Still, it feels quite timely in trying to wrap our hearts and minds around the unique challenges facing all of us today … holding fast to the little moments of life and love that make up the big picture—and making our natural inclination to hold hope and light more bearable, more together, even when we’re apart and it sometimes feels as if so much has shifted.


I’ve only just discovered this book. I thought I knew all the books this author had written, yet finding it now just underscores the notion that we all get a glimpse of when being led to a book or re-reading a book: that it finds its way to us at just the right time and in just the right way to fully receive the precious stories it holds. Barbara Kingsolver’s unique way of capturing moments of loss as well as laughter—amidst the dailiness of myriad mundane miracles that often lead to the grandest ongoing hopes and resolve—makes her essays, novels, and non-fiction a complete joy to read. They’re inspiring like a glimpse of an early-rising wide full moon on a clear bright night. Thank you, Barbara Kingsolver, for writing, and for continuing to write.

The royalties from this book support the work of Physician’s for Social Responsibility, Habitat for Humanity, Environmental Defense, and the humanitarian aid project called Heifer International. The copy of the book I’m showing above is a hardcover copy. Paperback is also available (with a different cover).

From my bookshelf to yours … Happy Reading!


Would love to hear in the comments if you’re finding time to read these days and any titles that have caught your attention or favorites you’re re-reading.

Look forward to seeing you back next week at The Saturday Book Shop



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4 Comments on “The Saturday Book Shop – Small Wonder”

  1. Meg Evans Says:

    I have read several of Barbara Kingsolver’s books too, but not that one. After reading this post, I looked on the Libby app to see if it was available for borrowing on Kindle from my local library; however, it was not, so instead I checked out the Homeland collection of stories. After I finish that book I’ll buy Small Wonder — as you mentioned, she supports worthwhile charities with the proceeds. Thanks for reminding me that her books are always a good read. I admire how expertly she crafts a compelling narrative out of the small details of ordinary life. 🙂

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Meg—thanks for your note & glad I’m not the only one who hadn’t heard of this book! (smile) Love how your described her books & that we’re both fans of her writings! Thanks for mentioning the Libby app too … I didn’t know about that and must check it out! Good seeing you here. Thanks again.

  2. sjensens Says:

    Barbara Kingsolver is my all time favorite author. I’ve recently re-read “The Bean Trees” and I have “Animal Dreams” on repeat to fall asleep to every night. I think “Prodigal Summer” is my favorite though, followed by “The Poisonwood Bible”. I want to be her when I grow up!

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      Yes—same here—and what a fab idea to fall asleep with her words floating into Dreamtime❣️ Love that. Thanks so much for this note!

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