The Saturday Book Shop – 100 Unknown Women

I love this book any time, but especially on International Women’s Day.

She Caused a Riot: 100 Unknown Women Who Built Cities, Sparked Revolutions, and Massively Crushed It by Hannah Jewell.

This book is witty, wise, WONDERFUL. Can’t recommend it enough. Amazing stories about women doing all sorts of things we didn’t know about because they were too often left out of the history books. Hannah Jewell is a terrific writer. Funny. Empowering. Memorable.  She’s created a totally bad ass tribute to forgotten women throughout history. Mega-inspiring. And laugh out loud funny.

The hot pink and electric chartreuse green drew me to the cover when I found this right after it was published 3 years ago. The stories and bold perspective kept me coming back to this book again and again for reminders about women who fearlessly and fully lived life. Colorful. Bold. Satirical and insightful. In the best possible ways. A little shocking. A whole lot enlightening.

Shake up your bookshelf.

Hope to see you back next week at The Saturday Book Shop, which is published pretty much every Saturday talking about books I like. Love to hear from you in the comments about books you like and/or any page-turners you’re reading these days.

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2 Comments on “The Saturday Book Shop – 100 Unknown Women”

  1. Meg Evans Says:

    I haven’t read it, but agree that the cover is awesome. 🙂 And sometimes causing a riot is just what the situation calls for.

    • Paula's Paradise Says:

      😁 … thanks, Meg! It’s a really funny and fascinating book … I had no idea that the fiercest and most successful pirate of all time was a woman til I read this … so many unexplored chapters of feminine history. Thanks so much for your note! 🙏🏼

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