Eclectic Embraces of Everyday Exquisiteness

We all have oceans of joy in our heart, no matter our geography.

I’m lucky enough to have seen a good bit of the world, fallen in love, found sand in my shoes, and now live on an actual tropical island paradise.  (Yes, I still pinch myself. It’s called Grand Bahama Island. I know, I know. It’s a tough address. Giggle. But somebody has to live here and enjoy all the sweetly simple and quietly grand pleasures of Life in The Lane Less Harried. And wash the beach towels. And print the brochures. And give directions.)

This is my personal field guide for The Sweet Life with notes and musings on a whole buncha whimsy and wow that makes me wanna sing in the sunshine. (I also love singin’ in the rain, but be glad if you’re not in actual earshot for that  — my typing fingers are the only part of me that comes even close to singing “on key” … sorry … you may as well know right now that puns and all sorts of seriously silly stuff are a part of my paradise!)

True paradise lives and twirls wherever the ample places of the heart smile. (And in quite a few places where teeny tiny tropical umbrellas arrive in the drinks too!) So, I hope you’ll kick your shoes off and wade in. The water’s fine.

waters off the southern shore of Grand Bahama Island

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  1. […] Falling in love with the island and getting sand in your shoes is a true treat—enjoy! […]

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