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Yellow Butterfly of JOY, I Salute You

December 31, 2012

Yellow Butterfly of JOY


Yellow Butterfly of JOY, I Salute You

You dance through the wild blue skies

where sunshine floats

asking nothing more than to be noticed

your vivid essence of daffodils, golden butter, and dappled dawns

flits across my radar screen

and the world stills

as I embrace the wonder of you

aflutter, holding you deeply in my heart

a sunlit reminder of the serendipity

and lightness of being that flows freely

as we gather the nectar of flowers

timeless and fleeting all at once

Wings of YES

Wings of Ooh

Wings of Love

Wings of Praise

Gratitude & Grace

Dazzling Days

– Paula Boyd Farrington · 12/31/2012

Happy New Year All!

It’s About Time

August 19, 2010

I found this quote artfully created on a calendar frame …

Having a marvelous summer stretch and wishing you the same!

Sweet Chocolates

October 19, 2009

The labrador brothers are a daily joy. They turned three years old today, but can still puppy-zoom. Shiloh and Fazer (who was named for a famous chocolate in Finland-that’s a story for another day) are just gorgeous to be around and can chase and leap after a ball like there’s no tomorrow. Happy Birthday, buddies!Shiloh.Fazer

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