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I Love … Collages!

March 25, 2010

This blog started out as a list of a whole buncha stuff I love …

… having fun making art collages is definitely on that list, especially when I’m inspired by the fabulous ARTchix Studio …

ARTchix inspired their chixies to create Twinchies (2″ square collages) in a red, pink & green color palette …

… featuring “I love …” messages of whatever strikes our fancy at the moment … I loved making these …

… with snippets of this and that … bits and pieces from a magazine … great images and goodies from ARTchix

… recycling … refreshing … renewing your creative spirit … reminding yourself of some favorite things that make you smile …

… yes, I love making art … making collages …  taking little trips into the imagination … especially in The Bahamas!

ps … 5/18/2010: I’m posting the back side of the twinchie collages now. The originals have been mailed out as part of the swap and are arriving in their new homes … I like to leave some small element of surprise for the recipients of the originals when they receive them in the mail (in case they’ve already seen the card fronts in other ARTchix places!). For me, it’s just as fun creating the back side of the cards as the front side, so here they are!

I Love Movies (Movies Thrill Me); I Love Gardens (Nature Lover); I Love LOVE In Your Heart (True Love); I Love A Love Story (Sweetly Told); I Love Being Me (Surprise); I Love Vacations (Sea Post)

My Idea of Housework

December 13, 2009

I love great design, and I’m an ardent new fan of the work of Shannon Martin, Girl Designer.

A dear friend sent me one of her smile-inspiring packets of bath salts … the package alone makes me Supremely Happy. (The lovely scented and silken sea salts are just a great bonus!)

There’s a whole line of fun stuff by Shannon Martin at a company called Madison Park Greetings:

sold online: at:

And, by the way, any giggle-worthy cool stuff I post about here is just stuff I like — I’m not selling anything or getting anything other than the joy of sharing little treats that will give you more reasons to be lovin’ life.

Click here for Shannon Martin's goods.


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