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Health Care Reform in a Glass

March 23, 2010

Hooray for being closer than ever to meaningful and significant legislative health insurance reform! But what’s on my mind today is a different kind of health care reform — something that doesn’t take an act of Congress, but is definitely a way of saying “cheers” to your health with just a little green. Organic greens that is. Spinach, kale, or swiss chard, mixed in with some cucumber, celery, green pepper, a strawberry or two, an apple, a bit of lemon juice and water, all blended up together and downed first thing in the morning, gives your system not only a wide variety of vital fresh nutrients and vitamins — it also provides enough glorious greens to gently alkalize your body and counteract any foods that may have an acidic effect on the body (meats, sugar, dairy, alcohol — all the fun stuff!). More and more studies and nutritionists are agreeing that an overall alkaline ph balance in the body boosts your energy, maximizes your metabolism, helps eliminate toxins and inflammation (which can lead to dis-ease), and keeps your cells operating in optimal vibrant health.

Does it taste good? Not especially. Does it taste bad? No … just …. mild and green! Does it feel good knowing you’re giving your body a quick treat of green goodies in their ultimate raw beneficial state? Oh, yeah!!  Do I sometimes pull out the ingredients and decide a more leisurely spinach salad would also fill the bill? Yes, sometimes I vote for that lovely leafy option! And I give thanks for my dear friend who turned me onto this health care reform in a glass. I also gaze at this magnet on my refrigerator and am reminded of President Obama’s overriding campaign message, which has been echoed through the ages by many wise leaders as the true starting point for making the world a better place:

Lettuce giggle more and gulp more greens along The Good Life Lane!

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