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First Fall Cool Snap & Plum Cake

October 19, 2009


Today brought the first touch of cool temps to the island … seemed like the perfect time to try out this new plum cake recipe I found at Savory Sweet Life.  (Also found some amazingly choice plums at Butler Specialty Foods last week!) This cake smelled heavenly while it was baking and tastes luscious — a hit any time of the year! The picture is not the best — cameras all around and not one of them had batteries in working order! — so I snapped this pic with the built-in MacBook camera … not a bad shot actually considering I was hanging the laptop upside down over the upside-down cake!

At any rate, that plum-delicious (sorry, couldn’t resist) not-too-hot, not-too-cold warm fall/winter weather we’re famous for here in The Bahamas is on the way … hooray!

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