Rescuing The Invisible Children

My daughter brought this Kony 2012 campaign to my attention. And then this video (click here) popped up the same day in another blog I follow: Kind Over Matter. The video brings light to a tragic situation and what we can all do to help end it. Click the link to watch (the video is well done and worth the 27 minutes). And please lend your support and prayers for peace and healing for all—the villains, the heroes, and especially the children.

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3 Comments on “Rescuing The Invisible Children”

  1. Sarah Hamze Says:

    I saw this video for the first time today, and my heart breaks for these children. Praying for these precious children.

  2. Paula's Paradise Says:

    A great post that balances many different perspectives on Invisible Children’s efforts is here:

    Many thanks to for the link via Twitter.

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