From My Grand Bahama Garden …

It’s hot and humid here on the island in August, but when you’ve got beauties like these growing on a tree in the back yard, you start to appreciate whatever makes lush tropical abundance conditions possible!  These avocado pears (I had never heard them called “pears” until I moved to The Bahamas, but it’s apt — they are pear shaped!) means there’s guacamole ahead this weekend and slices of creamy rich pear-adise in my salads! Trees make me swoon anyway, but trees that bear treats … they bliss me out almost beyond words. Yes, happily, I am easily impressed and amused with the natural wonders of our world. Enjoy whatever slices of green goodness surround you this summer in your own bit of paradise …

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5 Comments on “From My Grand Bahama Garden …”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Ahhhhh, now you’re hitting me right where it matters………in my tummy! Love those precious green pears too! Good that they are chuck full of GOOD calories. Not many acocado fans can pluck them off trees in their yard so some of the green on this end is from jealousy. Paradise indeed.
    Love, Mom

  2. paulasparadise Says:

    Wish I could mail you one of these treats — thanks & love you, Mom!! xo

  3. Melissa S. Says:

    Hi Paula! Thanks for visiting my blog…because it helped me find yours! LOVE it! I can’t wait to explore your archives! Nice meeting you!

    • paulasparadise Says:

      Nice meeting you too! And speaking of archives, I loved your post about the self-serve peach stand … beautiful … am really enjoying your wonderful words from the heart!

  4. […] island garden treasures. I only knew we were already graced to have two different varieties of green avocados in our garden, but to find a new kind — a RED avocado (I just have to keep saying that because I’m so in […]

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