The Saturday Book Shop – Dusk Night Dawn

I think I have a copy of every single book Anne Lamott has ever written, so I’m excited to read this new one that seems quite timely:  Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage. 

Anne Lamott has a way of holding all the ups and downs with a warmth, thoughtfulness, and smart sense of humor that somehow puts things into perspective with a quirky and endearing blend of honesty and steady grace. Her stories are seriously funny and rock solid in staying open to love, even when it ain’t easy. Uplifting and hopeful, without shying away from any of the awfulness out there, Anne Lamott helps renew the faith and the laughter within life’s most fallible and fabulous moments—quiet tender places where the heart asks the important questions and anchors us back to the divine roses within our thorny humanity. 

Anne Lamott is the author of the New York Times bestsellers:  Hallelujah Anyway; Help, Thanks, Wow; Small Victories; StitchesSome Assembly RequiredGrace (Eventually)Plan BTraveling Mercies; Bird by Bird; and Operating Instructions.

I can’t believe it’s time already to be looking at setting our clocks forward at the beginning Daylight Savings Time later tonight. Augh. Maybe a couple chapters of this new book will help me get through this annual “Spring Forward” transition that usually feels anything but!

Happy Reading All, and see you back here next week at The Saturday Book Shop!

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One Comment on “The Saturday Book Shop – Dusk Night Dawn”

  1. Meg Evans Says:

    I am not a fan of Daylight Savings Time either, Paula. Whatever small amount of energy might be saved isn’t worth the disruption. I woke up early this morning, late yesterday, and probably will take a few more days to settle into a sleep routine. Reading a new book for a little while before going to bed does help with feeling well rested, though, as you say.

    As for the quote about the center holding, I’m not sure. To me, it feels like we don’t have a center anymore and have been spinning off in many different directions. But at least, the safety pins from your pineapple art still seem to be holding. 🙂

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